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What are the classification of DTH bits?

2019-01-23 classification:News from:Jiangxi Ruijing Tools Technology Co., Ltd. share:

1. End-face convex type: This kind of drill can be divided into two forms, single-protruding and double-protruding, the latter is mainly used for larger diameter DTH bits. While drilling hard and abrasive rocks, the convex DTH bit with end face can maintain a high drilling rate, but the drilling straightness is poor, so it is not suitable for drilling projects with high requirements for blasthole straightness.

2. End plane type: The bit of this shape is more durable, suitable for drilling hard and extremely hard rock, but also suitable for drilling medium and hard rock and soft rock with low requirement of hole flatness.

3. Concave type of end face: There is a conical concave part on the end face of this kind of bit, which is formed by slight nucleation during drilling process to maintain the center performance of the bit. The drilling hole has better linearity. This kind of bit has good powder discharge effect and fast drilling speed. It is the most commonly used DTH bit in the market at present.

4. Deep concave center type of end face: This type of bit is evolved from the same type of spherical bit. There is a deep concave center part in the center of the end face of the bit. It is used for nucleation in rock drilling process, and guarantees the flatness of the hole when drilling deep holes. It is only suitable for drilling soft and medium hard rocks.